our story


Stella + Julia,

a designer-copywriter (sisterly) duo as wildly matching and brilliantly different as yin and yang, which we loosely translate to English as Chocolate and Caviar.
Because, why not?

All our work revolves around this core belief:

form and function are inextricably bound together.

A beautiful website with glitchy functionality is just as bad for your business as a smooth running site that looks like upchuck. And copy that’s cute but misses the point can hurt your sales just as much as words that hit the mark but sound robotic. And let’s not even talk about websites that look good but sound atrocious, or look a mess but speak magic charms. For us, it’s never an either/or choice when it comes to the visual and verbal elements of a story. True and successful communication, we believe, encompasses both the visual and the verbal. Stepping strong on that double foundation, we build your story up to its best and most spectacular self!

We create stories around your work with both vision and voice.

Stories that run the whole way through your business, keeping your audience intrigued and attentive from beginning to end. Stories that turn casual readers to avid fans by making them the true heroes and heroines of the unique experience you provide.

Your hopes, your aspirations, your dreams, and your wishes…
that’s what drives us every day to do our greatest work.
Together, we get to the bottom of it all—to your core values—and build from there up to give you a brand that’s strong yet flexible enough to grow right along with your passion.

Your turn now! What’s your story? And more importantly…

What’s your wild web dream?

Let’s cover it in chocolate and sprinkle it with caviar!
It will be amazing. We promise.