Fiola Jewelry

Project Description:
Fiola Jewelry is an online store that sells exquisite 14K gold and diamond earrings for girls. Stella was hired to create various banners and images, consistent with the existing brand guidelines, and design the “Fiola Confidence Letter” – the store’s PDF guide on how to empower your girl through a thoughtful letter.

Ohm Spa homepage
Homepage for the holidays:
Ohm Spa homepage

Gift card design:

Ohm Spa homepage

Pages from the “Fiola Confidence Letter” downloadable PDF:

Ohm Spa homepage
Working with Stella was a joy. Great communication was helpful in moving our project along in a timely, precise and action oriented fashion. More importantly Stella “got” our brand resulting in material designs that reflected Fiola Jewelry helping our company echo who we are and what we represent.
Susan Kirschling

Co-founder & CEO, Fiola Jewelry

Services Offered:
Graphic Design
Banner design
Image correction
PDF eBook design