Lift > Live > Lead

Project Goals:

Create a brand that matches Anne’s high energy and zest for life and helps her carry her message for better all-around lives, starting with physical exercise, into the world. This fun and highly fulfilling project encompassed all aspects of the Lift>Live>Lead brand creation (visuals, guidelines, web design, voice, messaging & tone) as well as brand materials and outreach tools (like all visuals and editing for the #beastmaking manifesto and brand taglines).

Ohm Spa homepage
The beastmaking challenge:
A live challenge people could take on alongside Anne to apply the rules of the beastmaking lifestyle in their life.

Ohm Spa homepage
The beastmaking manifest:
A downloadable PDF ebook that includes the rules to the beastmaking lifestyle.

Ohm Spa homepage

Stella & Julia make dreams happen. I was overflowing with ideas and passion and I struggled to turn it into clear and visible message, through writing and the website. But the power sisters believed in me, gave me the tools to hone in my mission and slowly piece together my vision, then they were able to craft something brilliant. I couldn’t be happier. They continue to play a role, supporting me with materials and best of all, their genuine belief in Lift > Live > Lead.

Anne Reuss

Services Offered:
Visual and voice branding
Logo design
Landing page design
Lead magnet creation
Website design and development
WordPress theme customization